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Retail Supervisor of Rescued Treasures

Hours: 32 hours a week, including weekends

Job Summary: Qualified individual will provide supervision and oversight of the agency’s Adult/Adolescent Work Training Program.  This individual will manage staff, facilitate training to the individuals in the program, oversee sales, donations of merchandise, and promotion of the store in the community.


  • High School Diploma or GED, Associate Degree preferred

  • Experience in retail management and supervision of staff

  • Experience working with adolescents

  • Reliable and trustworthy decision-making skills

  • Strong verbal, writing and organizational skills

  • Proficiency in point of sale software and Microsoft Office

  • Knowledge of budget management

  • Up-beat personality and attitude

  • Strong active listening skills

  • Reliable transportation

  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment

  • Ability to make decisions within the guidelines of the agency’s policies and procedures, federal and state laws.

  • Able to pass NYS Criminal Justice Background Check, Staff Exclusion List and OCFS Background.

Apply: If interested please email your resume to

Family Support Advocate - Tupper Lake

Description of Duties/Responsibilities: This position is responsible for engaging families of children with serious emotional disturbance receiving services through the Franklin County System of Care project, including providing an intake/assessment to determine unmet needs (social determinants- food, housing, insurance, other supports); advocating on behalf of families and encouraging self-advocacy; providing transportation to the local school district to enable family participation in mental health appointments, telehealth meetings, and Parent Advisory Council Meetings; completing daily person-centered progress notes for families you are working with the same day the service is delivered; empowering families you are working with through information and education at a level they can comprehend; following up with families to ensure they were able to connect with providers; devising a plan to remove all barriers to service connection; participation in evaluation and CQI meetings, and participation in annual focus groups for the evaluation to give feedback on the project.


  • High School Diploma, GED required, Associate's degree preferred.

  • Awareness of culturally relevant services and supports, taking into account racial and ethnic diversity of youth and families served, youth culture, and rural culture

  • Reliable and trustworthy, sound decision-making skills.

  • Strong verbal, writing, organizational, and computer skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to serve families in a professional, welcoming, and efficient manner

  • Ability to work closely with school staff to ensure a positive, constructive environment.

  • Flexible schedule to participate in school functions

  • Ability to work independently

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality regarding families receiving services

  • Knowledge of trauma and its effects on families

  • Reliable transportation including a valid driver's license, registration, inspection, and insurance

  • Knowledge of primary care, behavioral health, and substance abuse providers in the area

  • Must be able to clear NYS Staff Exclusion List NYS Justice Background check, and NYS Education Background check.


Supervisor Relationships: Reports Lead School Based Coordinator

Skills/Knowledge: Demonstrates a family-driven approach. Demonstrates cultural competence including strong understanding of rural culture, youth culture, and culturally responsive practices with culturally and linguistically diverse families.

Travel and Other Requirements: Travel is up to 25% per week


Hours per day/week: 40 hours/week

Apply: If interested please email your resume to

School-Based Care Coordinator - Tupper Lake

Description: The Care Coordinator is a full-time position located in Saranac Lake,
Chateaugay, or Tupper Lake Central School Districts. Wraparound care coordination will be
provided to youth with serious emotional disturbance involved in the day treatment program.
The Care Coordinator is expected to become trained in high-fidelity Wraparound and to engage youth and families in a family-centered process of developing and working toward goals. This position works closely with school-based clinicians and coordinates service referrals with behavioral health and other providers as needed.


A Master's degree in one of the qualifying fields 1* and one year of experience**or A Bachelor's degree in one of the qualifying fields* and two years of experience** or a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) and two years of experience**, or Bachelor's degree in ANY field with either: 3 years' experience as a Health Home Care Manager serving the SMI or SED population.

1* Qualifying fields= social work, psychology, nursing, rehabilitation, education, occupational therapy, physical therapy, recreation or recreation therapy, counseling, community mental health, child and family studies, sociology, speech and hearing or other human services fields.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assures that youth receive needed medical, behavioral, and social services with the overarching goal of improving individual health outcomes

  • Assumes overall responsibility and accountability for coordinating all aspects of the individual's care

  • Provides care management services at the school or various community locations/homes

  • Leads multidisciplinary teams of providers, social workers, nurses, and other providers toward assuring individuals receive services

  • Explores with the individuals their needs and longer-term goals and vision for their recovery

  • Assesses needs, monitors progress with care team, modifies or updates the care plan or goals

  • Assists in scheduling and keeping appointments, advocates and arranges for needed services and monitors delivery of services

  • Evaluates care needs at transitions, arranges safe transition plans, updates care team, updates information with providers and care plans

  • Must complete Mandated Reporting, HIPAA, Safety in the Community, Engagement &

  • Outreach, Person Centered Planning, Cultural Competency/Awareness, LGBTQ Issues, Meeting

  • Facilitation, and Trauma training within the first week of employment.

Supervisor Relationships: Lead School Based Care Coordinator.

Skills/Knowledge: Skills providing direct services to youth with SED; OR linking youth to a
broad range of services. Demonstrates cultural competence including strong understanding of rural culture, youth culture, and culturally responsive practices with culturally and linguistically diverse families.

Travel and Other Requirements: Must be willing to travel 50% or more per week; Must have and maintain reliable transportation including a valid driver's license, registration, inspection, and insurance.


Hours per day/week: 40 hours/week

Apply: If interested please email your resume to

Care Coordinator - Alice Hyde Hospital

Description: This position is a full-time position consisting of 40 hours per week. The Care Coordinator will work in the emergency department at UVM Alice Hyde Medical Center and be responsible for all discharge planning activities for patients. Schedule may vary depending on usage in the emergency department. The Care Coordinator will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer.


  • Bachelor’s Degree with 2 years Care Coordination/Management experiences; or

  • Associates Degree with 4+ years Care Coordination/Management experience.

  • Reliable, trustworthy, sound decision making skills.

  • Strong, verbal, writing and organizational skills.

  • Strong computer skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to assist interagency and outside agency employees in a professional, welcoming, and efficient manner.

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of patients in the emergency room.

  • Full comprehension of HIPPA regulations.

  • Availability to maintain a flexible work schedule.

  • Ability to pass NYS Criminal Justice Background check, Office of Family and Children

  • Service Background and not be listed on the NYS Staff Exclusion list.

  • Must complete all required trainings for this position.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide input into patients discharge plan

  • Assist patient with discharge planning activities including financial authorization for post
    discharge services.

  • Build professional working relationships with clinic and emergency room staff that will
    further benefit the patient’s outcomes.

  • Working in collaboration with patient, and assigned treatment team, provide input into
    barriers to care and alleviating these barriers for the safety of the patient.

  • Liaison for patients presenting in the emergency department with physical or emotional
    symptoms related to domestic violence. Helps connect these patients to a service and
    supports of their choice.

  • Serve as a liaison with other service providers or community supports for continuous
    improvement of services for patients, including those experiencing domestic violence.

  • Meet with CCFC’s Chief Executive Officer weekly for supervision.

  • Adhere to all CCFC’s policies and procedures.

  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of community partners while on their premises
    performing work.

  • Other duties assigned by CCFC Chief Executive Office.

Apply: If interested please email your resume to

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