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Corporate Compliance

It is the policy of Community Connections of Franklin County (the agency) to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. It is our policy to adhere to the Code of Conduct that is adopted by the Board of Directors & Executive Director.

Certain program components of Community Connections of Franklin County may have policies and procedures and other regulatory requirements that are different and more stringent than OHM regulations. We are committed to our responsibility to conduct our business affairs with integrity based on sound ethical and moral standards. We hold our employees and vendors to these same standards.

All employees and vendors should acknowledge that it is their responsibility to report any instances of suspected or know compliance to their immediate supervisor, the Executive Director. Reports may be anonymous without fear of retaliation, retribution or breach of confidentiality. Failure to report known or suspected non-compliance or making false reports will be grounds for disciplinary action, including termination.

Reports related to harassment or other work place oriented issues will be referred to the Executive Director.

Detected noncompliance, through any method ex: compliance auditing procedure, confidential reporting will be responded to in an expedited manner. We are dedicated to resolve such incidents and will take all necessary steps to prevent further similar violations.



Rose Mary Monette

Chief Financial & IT Officer.

(518) 521-3507 ext 109

209 W. Main St. Malone, NY


Jillian Lester

Chief Operating Officer

(518) 521-3507

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