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Training Programs

Life & Social Skills training course – Seven-week course designed to help educate individuals to work towards positive outcomes in their lives. We have utilized the class to help parents who have children in the foster care system who have given high reviews on the courses. In speaking with staff members in the Foster Care Unit, they have seen a difference on how most of the parents interact with them overall.  Classes are completed during the day time hours at CCFC (referrals must be received by CCFC from DSS), evening hours at CCFC (can be either a DSS referral or a self-referral), and at the Franklin County Jail (CCFC works with the jail’s Adult Health Home Care Coordinator to obtain a roster of individuals that are interested in the course and/or would benefit from the course).

Job Readiness training course – Through collaborating with Franklin Department of Social Services and having discussions with local employers, this training course was designed to assist individuals who are ready to begin working but may require some help getting ready to enter/re-enter the workforce. The training course is designed to assist those individuals through the job search process, application process, hiring process, as well as the first 90 days and probationary periods to obtain and maintain successful employment opportunities within their local communities. These training courses are held each Monday-Wednesday (except for holidays) at Franklin County Department of Social Services.

Pathways to Financial Independence training course – 1:1 course that assists with educating individuals currently in Adult Protective Services and/or other referred adults on budgeting their own finances for them to become financially independent. For an individual to become enrolled within the training course, a referral must be received by CCFC from an Adult Protective Case Worker. Training courses are held at CCFC.

QPR – QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) is a training for those on the "front lines" of suicide prevention. This interactive training course teaches others how to interview potentially suicidal persons, determine immediate risk of suicide, and help reduce the risk of a suicide attempt or completion through a safety planning and referral process. Trainings may be completed at CCFC or at various community locations.

Adolescent Ansell-Casey Life Skills Educational Course – Course offered to adolescents that assess, educate and empower those who participate in the program on day-to-day life experiences and expectations by supporting and offering tools they will need to make the right decisions that each participate may endure on their path to adulthood and when they become adults. The courses provided within the program will educate all participants on community services available to them and how to give back to their local communities by volunteering at different events within the community.

Rescued Treasures – Adult/ Adolescent Work Training Program – Training environment designed to assist adolescents, between the ages of 16-18, to develop their skills in the retail working environment and help to develop their professional/personal skills within the community, at school (if applicable) and home. Our goal is to work closely with adolescents entering the workforce so they will become comfortable in the working environment as well as to assist individuals with obtaining and maintaining essential life and social skills to promote further successes within those areas.

Contact us for more information 518-521-3507

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